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You and your guests get the whole Inn to yourselves for one low price!

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Colourful Pile of Old Books

What a wonderful place to stay for weary travelers. We were refreshed and encouraged by all of the lovely surroundings. Each room told a wonderful literary story that amazed us all down to the many details. Our daughter exclaimed over each picture and piece of decor and told us how it related to the children's classic. The luxuriuos finishings allowed us to relax and feel spoiled in comfort. Thank you for comfortable beds that allowed for sweet dreams. Staying here made us feel like we were in a fairy tale of our own. 

You are amazing hosts and have done an awesome renovation on this inn. 


Customer Reviews:

This Inn is nothing short of amazing! It is located in the center of the quiet downtown of Kidron Ohio. So you can be hidden in plain sight. You can easily come and go, but have the goodwill of a gracious town who wishes for you all good things. Just a short walk for the town park where there are nature trails to hike and right across from Lehman's Hardware, there is plenty to do here to keep you busy. But mostly it has everything you need to stay home and find your center. We will be back again and again!


The Storybook Inn of Kidron

is located in beautiful Amish Country Ohio.

4680 Kidron Road

Dalton, OH 44618

(located in Kidron, but Dalton is the city for GPS purposes)

ANY QUESTIONS? email us at:

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